BMT Asia Pacific

We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy with 1,500 subject matter experts worldwide. Within Asia Pacific, we provide specialised project support services to customers primarily in the Energy, Environment, and Transport & Infrastructure sectors.

Company Overview

Building on strong domain knowledge, local experience and a global perspective, BMT has grown a wide range of services to assist companies and governments involved in major projects and seeking to operate their businesses in the most cost-effective, safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner.

We succeed through:

  • Maintaining a highly skilled and diverse workforce that demonstrates technical excellence, creative thinking and local know-how
  • Delivering work using proven tools and technologies
  • Aiming to add value to our communities and environment in which we operate

A History of Innovation

The Asia Pacific offices, located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, are part of the BMT Group global network. The Group was established in 1985 by bringing together leading maritime research and technology organisations whose roots tracevback to the beginning of the 20th century.

In these three decades BMT carried on the culture of continuous innovation and excellence beyond the maritime space and has since expanded into many more industries and fields of expertise.

Our Independence

BMT  customers  value  impartial,  expert  advice  and  we  have  the  freedom  to  deliver  it  without  any  potential conflict of interest from external stakeholders. BMT's independence is guaranteed by its status as an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), and is evidence of BMT's commitment to the skilled and talented employees who drive the Group's success.

We carefully guard our independence and impartiality as this allows us to continue providing the valuable insight and knowledge our customers rely on.